Friday, April 8, 2011

A few haiku....

In honor of National Poetry Month (and because my student teacher recently taught haiku with two of our classes), I decided to post some haiku I wrote a few weeks ago. These actually started springing up in my head on the drive home from school. I had to keep repeating them to myself so that I wouldn't forget them. I was on the way to pay my cable bill and ended up sitting in the parking lot at the phone company scribbling these on my phone/cable bill envelope. Hope you enjoy!!

4 Haiku

Those who can, do; and
Those who can't, teach. So said Shaw.
I beg to differ.

May these four haiku
Written on my way from school
Inspire deep thought.

Boy stands in graveyard
Texting on his grey cellphone.
Will someone reply?

He can text all day -
Share his grief and his longing.
Their hearts feel no more.

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